7 scan shapes

Imported Coherent laser device

3 scanning modes; , Disorder, Midsplit

7  col arm

Treatment principle

Ultropulse fractional c02 loser emits thousands of deep, tiny focal spot columns in your skin, called
microscopic treatment zones, These lights penetrate into dermis skin, gosify the tissues Ground wrin—
kles and scars in on instant and make a signal of compounding collagen like tissues repair, collagen
rearrangement etc to regain a new fresh and healthy skin of youth,

Before & A fter

before treatment during treatment Cher one minute oh‘er 30 days

Skin renewing 0nd resurfacing

Smooth various scars: burn scars, acne scars, surgical scars and keloid,e1c

Wrinkle removal, skin tightening

Acne and acne scar removal

Remove intractable chloosmos 0nd pigmentation

Sun damage recovery

Cutting on blephoroplosty, skin tags and ingrown nails, compound nevus and intro dermal nevus, etc

Gynecology Principle

Use an articulate arm probe with automatically 360° rotation
technology, producing in 50—70° C at a controlled depth
inside the vaginal mucosa — stimulates collagen contraction,
restructuring and regeneration; promotes collagen fiber prolif—
erating, remodeling; improves vaginal mucosa microcirculo—
tion; increases cell secretion and dynamic reaction function;
corrects PH value of vaginal inside; improves the inside envi—
ronment; achieve female private parts to significant lasting
firming, nourishing and restoring harmonious sexual lifeThe
laser has a photo thermal heating effect on collagen in both
the vaginal walls and the urethra which causes restructuring
and regrowth of the collagen, This results in thickening and
tightening of the vaginal walls and urethra to improve atrophy
and prevent urine loss

Gynecology Treatment Scope

Vogino contracting

F051 Tightening, durable narrowing, increasing Tightness of 60%
Vogino beautifying

Reducing pigments, beautifying labia, increasing Tenderness of 70%
Vogino nourishing

Powerful anTi—declining, preventing aging, increasing youth of 80%

> Urinary incontinence

> Voginoltightening

> Vaginal color dork treatment

r Inflammation

> Clean the vagina

Moist vagina, improving secretion

Machine Advantage

7 Variable treatment graphics,
odiustoble shapes, sizes and

Normal cutting and Fraction—
al 2 systems in standard;
Gynecology system optional

USA coherent loser de—
vice; Steady and even
laser output

Technical parameter

Loser type USA Coherent loser

Wavelength 10600nm

Power 40W

Loser working mode Continuous

Output mode Ultra pulse, Single pulse, Frodionol
Fractional working mode interval continuous working

Pulse width 1—100ms

Output Graphics Square, rectangle, round, triangle, oval, 6-diamond shape, line or customized graphics
Light guiding system 7 joints arm

Scanning mode Sequence mode, Mid split mode, Random mode
Scan pofiem size 0.1*0.1mm — 20*20mm

Scan area Maximum 25x25mm

Aiming beam 650nm, s5mw

Cooling system Wind cooling

Power supply AC 220V :10%\ 50HZ AC 110V :10%\ 60HZ